Ways to Fix: Yahoo Email Temporary Error Code 4

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Yahoo Error Code 4

We all know that Yahoo is a great search engine, and it provides other services as well, including email services. While using the Yahoo email service, many customers have complained about “Yahoo mail error code 4”. So, if you have also got this error code then, follow some instructions below to get rid of this error code from your email.

First, we will talk about some probable causes of getting this error code then, about the solution to fix this issue.

Probable Causes of Yahoo Email Error Code 4

There are many causes of Yahoo email error code 4 while working on your email.

  • If the email synchronization feature is turned off in your email account, you will probably get this email error code.
  • Technical glitches or the internal server issue could also be the reason for error code 4 in Yahoo mail.
  • Sometimes outdated browsers also encounter this kind of error message.

Possible symptoms of Yahoo mail Error Code 4

  • When you try to send an email by using your email account, it will not allow you to send an email because of the error. Also, you will not receive any new emails.
  • If you are accessing your email on any other device like mobile phones or tablets, the problem remains the same in all the other tools as well.
  • Due to this error code, you will not be able to find your old emails in your account.
  • It will take a long time to load the email on the server page in your Yahoo mail.

Easy ways to fix the “Yahoo Email Error code 4.”

In this section, we will discuss the solution for fixing error code 4. You can try these methods, and your issue would be resolved. So, you can execute one of the ways or all the processes until the problem is fixed.

Way 1: Log out From Your Email Account and Sign in Again

This method is straightforward, and it will help to recover the account if there is any technical issue behind the error code 4. So, you need to log out from your Yahoo account from all of your devices and sign it again. You can follow some simple steps to do this task.

  • First, Get into your email account and click on the setting option on the top right-hand side corner.
  • Now go into your password and security section, which is under the Logged In sessions tab.
  • Then, enter your Yahoo email password and click on the Unblock button to remotely log out of the session. Then click the log out on the bottom right corner to end the session, which you want.
  • Now, open the Yahoo email service and enter your login id and password to log into your email account.

Way 2: Update the Web Browser

If you are using the old version or an outdated web browser, then this could be the reason for the occurrence of Yahoo error code 4. So, you need to uninstall the obsolete version of the web browser from your device and install a new version web browser. And then, try login into your Yahoo email account.

Way 3: Delete All the Caches from the Browser

Due to cookies and caches, your computer starts working very slow. So, you already know that these caches & cookies are not good for the network. Sometimes due to these caches & cookies, you would get a this Yahoo error code as well. So, in this situation, you should delete the cookies, caches, and browsing history from your browser.

Way 4: Disable the Antivirus Software

If you are using any trustworthy antivirus or using a free version of an antivirus application in your system, this can be the reason for this error code. Sometimes this free version of antivirus can block websites. Even Yahoo email as well. So it’s better to disable your antivirus and then use your Yahoo email. And if it’s free version antivirus software then, permanently disable it from your device.


We hope these above methods will surely help to fix the error code 4 with your Yahoo email. However If you still need any help then you can Complain to Yahoo Tech Support at anytime.

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