How to Fix Yahoo Error Code 14: Sorry, We Are Having Some Temporary Server Issues

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Yahoo Temporary Error 14

Although Yahoo is pretty good at handling various email accounts still, you can sometimes experience some errors like Yahoo Temporary Error 14. Although this is a common error, it is still necessary to tackle the root cause of this harmful error 14 in Yahoo. The below strategy helps you to if you receive this error message:

What, When & How of Yahoo Temporary Error 14?

What does this error mean?

Temporary error 14 is an error, which restricts you from reaching your Yahoo account. Normally, the error fixes itself automatically, but sometimes, it takes more than 30 minutes to settle down.

When this error occurs?

Well, it is a server error, which arises when the email account becomes unresponsive. You can face this error code on every device like your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

How this error code looks on the screen: – We are sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error; you can try back again shortly.

How to fix Error 14 in Yahoo?

Before starting any troubleshooting steps, first, you have to be assured that this error is not from the Yahoo end; you can also check the server status online via

However, If the Yahoo server is working fine, then the problem is from your side; in this situation, you can try the basic troubleshooting steps discussed below: –

Step 1

Sign out your Yahoo mail account from all the devices you have a login, even from your mobile phone.

Step 2

Kindly make sure that you are using a supported Yahoo web browser.

Step 3

Now go to your browser and remove all the browser’s cookies, cache, including temporary files.

Step 4

Next, close your browser and restart again with a new tab.

Step 5

Finally, visit the Yahoo login page in the new tab and try to reaccess your Yahoo mail to check the status of Yahoo error 14.

Different Method To Handle This Error

If the above process does not work, below are some different methods to fix the Yahoo error. 

  • Run your antivirus to look for any malicious elements and remove them promptly.
  • Review your operating system status; if it is not updated, then update it as quickly as possible.
  • Check for any new updates for your browser.
  • Modify your Yahoo account setting according to the necessities.


The above checkpoints are covering all corners of error 14 in Yahoo. However, if you don t want to go through any steps, you can call 24*7 Yahoo customer service number, and the tech team will help you fix this error. 

Points to Remember (Caution):

  • Check your internet connection before doing any practice.
  • Do not run multiple programs together on your computer because it can freeze your system and face this error.
  • If you are not a techie person, then call experts.
  • Do Not get panic; your data is safe with Yahoo.

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